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GRRReat readers: "Yoko" by Rosemary Wells

Lecturas en inglés

María Signes Perelló



Timothy has peanut butter and jelly for lunch. Valerie has a cream cheese and jelly sandwich. Fritz unwraps a meatball grinder. The Frank twins share franks and beans. And Yoko? Yoko has brought sushi for lunch. Sushi?! The other children at school find her lunch horrifying: "Yuckorama!" Worse, everyone laughs, and Yoko goes through her day listless and sad. Mrs. Jenkins, her concerned teacher, tries to orchestrate Yoko through her difficult day, but nothing works.
Then Mrs. Jenkins announces that there will be an International Food Day at school, and Yoko's mother promises to make sushi for the entire class. Yoko's classmates arrive with a colorful procession of dishes from all parts of the world, even the Caribbean coco crisps are devoured, but no one touches Yoko's sushi.
Finally, Timothy, an intrepid raccoon, decides to try, and Yoko shows him how to use chopsticks. From then on, Timothy and Yoko push their desks together and share each other's food, opening up their own private "restaurant."

        BEFORE READING. Think and answer

  • ·        What do you think is this book about?
  • ·         Had you heard the name Yoko before?
  • ·         What is the character holding in her hand?


  • Pay attention to the illustrations and examine and write the ways about Yoko shows her feelings. Let’s have a close look to the book illustrations. Then, examine and write down how Yoko normally shows her feelings.
  • What would you say if somebody made fun of you or another person? How would you react? What would they say to reconcile?
  • Make sushi rolls for dinner!

Grreat reader, I am sure that in you class there are a lot foreign people. Do you know something about their cultures? Differences make other people interesting!!!!.
This is a good time to learn one from each other.

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DIEGO dijo...

Todo en marcha. Seguro que nuestra compañera, Maria Signes, allí en la distancia encontrará el impulso de este Grupo que con ilusión y vitalidad supera dificultades y se adapta a los tiempos.
Sé que esperaba que sus trabajos reflejados en el blog para ser explotados por profesores y padres que quieran reforzar a los pequeños en la lectura en inglés.
Aquí seguimos. Mi agradecimiento expreso a Paco que en poco tiempo se ha hecho con el mando y coordinación de este Blog.
Me gustaría reflejaráis aquí vuestros comentarios y superencias.
Diego Gila.Coordinador Grupo Leo

Grupo Leo dijo...

Con mucho gusto.
Gracias Diego.