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GRRReat readers: "Trick or treat, smell my feet" by Lisa Desimini

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María Signes Perelló


Delia and Ophelia are witches. They're cooking up a particularly naughty spell for Halloween, and the main ingredient is super-stinky socks. That night, when the neighborhood children go trick-or-treating, the only words they can say are "Smell my feet!" Of course, no one gives them any candy, much to the delight of the two witches. The fun comes to an end when a mysterious ingredient causes the potion to backfire-returning the children to normal, and putting the witches in a very strange situation!
o   Print the document attached and make a flip book writing the characters, settings, problem and solution of this funny story.

Let’s have a look to some other examples in order to make your flip book:

AMERICA’S STORY: Americans Celebrate Halloween October 31 
Every October 31, both children and adults slip into the night as ghouls and goblins, princesses and pirates. Many Americans celebrate the traditions of Halloween by dressing in costumes and telling tales of witches and ghosts. Pumpkins are carved into glowering jack-o'-lanterns. Children parade from house to house, knocking on doors and calling out "Trick or treat!" hoping to have their bags filled with candy. It can be a night of fun for those who participate, but the history of Halloween in America has a darker side. For most of the 19th century and well into the 20th, Halloween was more trick than treat. Bands of mischief-makers roamed city streets and country roads blowing horns and vandalizing both residences and businesses. In addition to playing relatively harmless tricks, some pranksters caused major inconveniences. Often, special police were appointed to keep damage to a minimum. Today, many people celebrate Halloween at masquerade parties. Sometimes, those who are at the party vote for the best costume. Have you ever been to a Halloween party? What costume will you be wearing this year?

Document to print

Para imprimir el documento clica sobre él, y en la imagen que obtienes vuelve a clicar con el botón derecho, el menú que sale te permite imprimirlo.

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