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GRRReat readers: "Guess How Much I Love You" by Sam McBratney

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María Signes Perelló
Guess How Much I Love You
Sam McBratney

"Guess How Much I Love You" is the sweetest book about parent and child openly expressing their affection to each other.


Little Nutbrown Hare wants his daddy, Big Nutbrown Hare, to know just how much he really loves him. Having a difficult time putting it into words and not knowing how to express his love for his father, Little Nutbrown Hare keeps coming up with more and more as his father tries to outdo him each time. After the little bunny falls asleep, the father wins with an expression of love that can’t be outdone.

Fun to read together and endearing to moms, dads, and children everywhere, this tale brings home the ‘I love you more’ game. Bedtime or not, this is one story that you will want to share over and over again, and who knows, it may even help you come up with more ways to express your love for your little ones.

Have you loved someone in your live as much as Little Nutbrown Hare loves Big Nutbrown Hare?
Who is she or he?
Is he/she your mum, dad, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, best friend…?

You could tell them how big your love is by making this special card and writing your feelings:

Some sentences you can use:

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