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GRRRRReat readers: "Frog and Toad are friends" by Arnold Lobel

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Hello my Grrreat Readers!
Last week I read some fiction books with my students and among all those stories, we really enjoyed reading the Frog and Toad ones.
I wish you to enjoy and learn with the story that I suggest, Frog and Toad are friends, as much as I did with my American students!
María Signes Perelló



During his lifetime, Arnold Lobel wrote and illustrated numerous books. He attended art school, and first began drawing pictures for children’s books based on ideas from the cartoons his own children watched. Several of his works have won literary awards; such as the Caldecott and Newberry Honors.
Lobel grew up in New York, where he lived with his grandparents. As a child, he loved checking books out from the library. He often used to tell stories, and then illustrate them, to entertain his classmates when he was a young boy. Lobel married and raised two children in New York.

This book is a compilation of five short stories. The theme of friendship is continually developed through each of the stories. The readers can see that even though Frog and Toad are different, they can still be very good friends. They care for one another and demonstrate their feelings through acts of kindness and unselfishness.
It's April and…
Frog is looking forward to a whole year of happy times with his best friend, Toad. If only Toad would agree to wake up from his long winter nap!
 In the first of five short stories, clever Frog finds a way to rouse his sleepy friend. When Frog doesn't feel well, Toad tries to tell him a story. When Toad loses a button, Frog helps him look for it. When Toad goes swimming in his funny bathing suit, Frog tries not to laugh, and when Toad is sad because he never gets any mail, Frog knows just what to do.



Answer the following questions:

Chapter 1: Spring
1. Why did Frog wake up Toad?
2. Why did Toad want to go back to sleep?
3. How did Frog finally get Toad to get out of bed?

Chapter 2: The Story
1. Toad could not think of a story. How did Frog think of a story?

Chapter 3: A Lost Button
1. What did Frog and Toad do when they found out Toad had lost his button?
2. How did Toad know the buttons were not his?
3. Where did Toad finally find his button?
4. What did Toad do with all of the buttons?

Chapter 4: A Swim

1. Why didn’t Toad want Frog to look at him in his suit?
2. Why did the other animals come out by the pond?
3. What did Toad decide to do when the animals would not leave? Did it work?
4. What happened when Toad got out of the water?

Chapter 5: The Letter
1. Why was Toad sad?
2. What did Frog do when he went home?
3. Why did snail take so long to get the letter to Toad?
4. Write a letter to Toad.

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